September 26, 2008

The best time to drink the juice

Have you ever thought what the best time to drink the vegetable juice and fruit juice is? Here are some tips for drinking veggie & fruit juice to benefit your body the most.

  1. The best time for drinking the fruit juice should be in the morning after getting up because your stomach is still empty which will stimulate your body to detoxify more toxin. The recommend drink is apple cider vinegar mixed with honey.
  2. For the veggie drink, the best time to drink is in the afternoon. This period the body will revive the PH balance and refresh your body.
  3. In the smoothie shop, various menus for the mixed veggie and fruit juice can be found which make the drink tasty and their benefit still are good for you but make sure you eat it instantly after squeezing. Since vitamin can be lost when they meet the air. The benefit of fruit juice is helping detoxification and for the veggie drink is repair the cell.
  4. Not every one can drink the juice all the time. You should avoid it when your body is not in the right condition such as diabetes people or have some problems with the intestines.
  5. Detoxification by fasting with juice for the short time is good in the but not good to do for a long time. If the body does not receive any fiber, the digestive system can be at risk.

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